26 September 2007

023. Spider-man Blues Promo Wallpaper

¡The secret revealed! Although, what is Spider-man: blues? If everything is okay, on Friday it would be all clear. But now, a promo wallpaper will have to be enough.

This is entry 06.

PD: The girl in the picture is not Mary Jane but then, Who is she?


25 September 2007

022. Teaser Promo On Target

Teaser picture of the new project from JSM On Target. On Wednesday, new ad, with the project revealed.

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29 September 2006

013. Superman Stronger Than Ever.

Have you ever got up thinking "yesterday I was a jerk"?

Yesterday evening I decide to draw this picture and the truth is it's an odd one if you compare it with other works. I don't say I don't like it, I say it's different. It's more aggressive, stronger-- it was my catharsis towards finding myself again, jajajaja. At least, in some sense.

Yesterday was a horrible dog's day, since I got up this morning. Everything was bad. And the reason of everything going bad was inside me. But don't worry, I'm not going to tell you what happened.

Let's go with the situation. You're feeling bad, ok, and instead of try to get better, you easily choose that the grief is too big and your shoulders cannot hold it and you get down. I couldn't care less! It's only one day, nobody's is going to notice.

Liar! People know it and want to know what's happening and you, if they are lucky, answer with half the truth, so, because you don't want to go on with lies, you choose to draw a picture. And who do you draw? Superman.

Superman. The hero par excellence. The one who could do whatever he want and decide to fight for the people that need him, come what may, even giving his own life. Ouch. And that's your hero. And what are you doing?

Being a jerk.

No. It's over. Problems were exceeding you, but only because you did not rise up to overcome them.

Come on! Bring it on! 'Cause I know you cannot defeat me. I can fly over you, I'm stronger, but the most important thing, I can see through you and I do know that your time is over. And outside there are people that need me and I have to say that I'm sorry.


This is entry 04.

12 December 2005

Year 2005-2006 Artbook.


"Patty, the Gathering" is a comic book I'm currently working on. It's a story about a Vampire Slayer and his origin.

The New Adventures of Superman is a fan-fiction comic I'm drawing nowadays. This three pages are starred by Jor-El who is telling Lara the history of Krypton.

"Fire and Fate" is a 2-pages comic based in one Isaac Asimov's Tale, "Hellfire."

A joke about Sin City for a review in a Spanish blog.

Logo Design:

This logo was designed to be the background of a Spanish comic news blog. It is the Daily Planet Globe.

Character Design:

The Archinauts: Cripta, Démeter and Thalia.

One month ago I was ask to do a little flash application. It was decided that it has to be a Mortal Kombat homage. Pictures 1 to 3 are sketches about authentic characters in MK games: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang and Kano. Pictures 4 to 12 are the MK homage Characters for the application, called AC.

Jor-El and Lara for the fan-fiction "Superman, the New Adventures." Scratch for "Patty, the Gathering." Doctor Doom. Several characters of Marvel (Soldier-X, Venom, Changeling, Joseph, X-man, Magic, Maggot and Blink). Several characters of DC comics (Superman, Batman, another Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman). Sketches for a fan-fiction, Urban-X, starred by Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, Wolverine, Madrox, Wolfbane, Havok, Annie & Carter and Lucas Bishop.


The first picture was done for a Spanish web, Contest of Champion, where comic fans write fights with his favourite heroes. The second one is the cover for another fan-fiction, Decimation: House of M - The Day After.

Unfinished Work:

This picture is an unfinished commision of Conan, the Barbarian.

14 November 2005

Year 2004-2005 Artbook


These are the first four pages of the second "the Power." Absolutely different than the first one, there are no superheroes, it's a tale about magic and legends in Spain.

This Comic, "Imagina", was the presentation for an architecture proyect I did.

This Comic, "Mi Revolución", was also the presentation for another architecture proyect I did.

And this was the first page for a Lord of the Rings comic. I only did that for fun.

Logo Design:

The first one is a logo for a fan fiction. The second one is for a book, "Zomecs 2." Both of them are unpublished.

Character Design:

This are the sketches for a fan-fiction project starred by a Justice League in the year 2099. They Are Wonder Woman, Batman, Clark Kent, Bruno Lapham, Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, Plastic Man and Superman.

The first "the Power" comic was rename into "los Vengativos." The idea behind was a little different and requires a similar but darker design for the characters.


Numbers 1 to 5 are commisions. Numbers 6 to 10 are pictures for three differents arquitecture proyects. Numbers 11 and 12 are the covers for two fan fictions: Star Wars Apócrifo and The Vision. The Last picture is a character from "los vengativos" called Gótica.